Affordable Luxury - Our pledge is to bring you premium fabrics, elegant designs and impeccable craftsmanship at a reasonable yet approachable price

Size & Fit - We offer 3 kinds of fits: Fitted, Straight, Comfort. In addition, we offer unlimited alterations and bespoke fitting.

Quality, Finishing & Details - All our clothing is modest with no plunging necklines or high slits that would make you uncomfortable at work. Shirts are gaping free, Tailored Pants and skirts are made with stretch fabric, For any design that uses a sheer fabric, we provide you with a complimentary camisole.

About Salt Our Values

Styling Services

Need a Wardrobe Refresh or Need to decide what to wear for an event that's coming up?
Not sure about the silhouette that will flatter you? or the color you should pick?
Well, we've got your back!

We provide Styling Services too!
Whether you need to pick for an event, your everyday clothing, or if you have any questions based on what style, color, or silhouette would suit you best, we have in-house stylists to answer your queries.

Book Your Free Styling Appointment in Store Now, or Contact Us, email, call or whatsapp +91 9015904904 for a Virtual Styling Session!

Why Custom & Tailored Clothing?

We believe that everyone is unique and has her own identity; what she does, what she wears, her body shape, and style, is unique, and hence she should not be expected to conform to a set of standard styles and sizes that are mass produced and available off the rack.

This is why we provide Custom made garments that you can make based on your preferences, style, body shape and your measurements.

You can Design Your Own Garment from scratch or Make Customizations to the items that we design for you.
To get your garment tailor made online, you can simply enter 3 measurements and the garment will be tailor made for you.

And what more, we provide Tailored Fits & Customizations at very affordable prices!

So the next time you are in a mall or tempted to buy something from an e-commerce site, ask yourself, Why buy a garment off-the-rack when you can make your own unique garment tailored to your taste and needs ?

Free Alterations

Received your garments but need some alterations for a better fit? We're here for you!
Whether you want to adjust by 0.5" or alter further, we will get it done for you! We offer upto two free alterations until the garment fits you perfectly. The reverse pickup and re-shipping of the garment will be done by us. So sit back, relax and get your garment altered hassle-free.

Premium Fabric & Quality

The fabrics used are of premium quality. High Quality, premium fabrics that are breathable, wrinkle-free are used to give the garment a polished look. The fabrics range from lightweight to medium weight suiting fabrics, wool blends, poly crepe, to extremely breathable and summer friendly cottons, linens, cotton viscose etc.

We take utmost care in making the garment, right from using the best quality threads, to accessories, whether its buttons, zippers, hooks and other elements. Apart from the fabric, design and fit, we go through strict quality control parameters to give you what you truly deserve.
All our fabric is: Pre-Washed, to remove any stains and odor. Pre-Shrunk, to ensure you will never have to face any shrinkage issue. Pre-treated for color fastening to ensure there is no color bleeding. All our Clothing is modest, with no plunging necklines or high slits that would make you uncomfortable at work.

Ethical & Fair Treatment

We know that it is our duty to not only serve our customers but also our people who craft pieces for you. The people who make the clothes are as important as the people who wear them. The craftsmen tirelessly cutting, sewing, stitching your clothes are the real heroes behind the scenes.

All our garments are made in-house in our workshop. These garments are carefully cut, stitched and finished by our in-house team of tailors. All our tailors are given monthly wages, healthcare benefits, and work in good working conditions. For example, the entire workshop is fully air-conditioned. The conditions our entire team works in is the same as that we would like to keep for ourselves.

We believe in Ethical & Fair trade Clothing and have an answer to the popular movement #WhoMadeMyClothes.

So the next time you are in a mall or tempted to buy something from an e-commerce site, ask yourself, why buy a garment which is probably made in a sweatshop when you can buy better quality, in-turn supporting your local community and being aware of #WhoMadeMyClothes?


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