Your Hunt for Clothes Stops Here! From perfect tailored pants & skirts, elegant yet comfortable dresses to simple formal shirts, we've got your back! With contemporary designs, luxury fabrics, flattering fits for Indian body shapes, subtle but impressive details and unlimited alterations, Salt Attire offers 9am-9pm clothing, capsule wardrobes, styling and personalization services for the modern Indian woman.

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Relaxed but poised
Relaxed but poised Punalu
Green is My Color!
Green is My Color! Palm
Boss Lady
Boss Lady Secure-Black
Succeed with Comfort
Succeed with Comfort Groovy-Maroon
Work Hard & Stay Snug
Work Hard & Stay Snug Piano, Earnest-Grey
Sunkissed Day
Sunkissed Day Sunrise, Earnest-Black
Going Green! Are We?
Going Green! Are We? Zesty-Green, Earnest-Grey
The Lilac Statement
The Lilac Statement Thistle, Earnest-Black
Poised with Purpose
Poised with Purpose Logical-Green, Earnest-Black
With Purpose
With Purpose Prestige
The Graceful Meetings
The Graceful Meetings Quartz
The Deal Closer
The Deal Closer Shamrock
Boardroom Ready
Boardroom Ready Sky
The French Elegance
The French Elegance Bateau
Pop the Champagne
Pop the Champagne Perignon, Generous-Black
Bold Elegance
Bold Elegance Eloquent
Elevated Everyday
Elevated Everyday Objective, Earnest-Black
Power Meets Elegance
Power Meets Elegance Widget, Expressive
Subtle Highlights
Subtle Highlights Contour-Black&White
Bold Elegance
Bold Elegance Peppercorn
The Effortless Sophistication
The Effortless Sophistication Chervil, Beacon
TGIF! Mulberry, Earnest-Maroon
Stay Classic
Stay Classic Acai, Salt, Kiran
The Soft Touch
The Soft Touch Dutee, Charcoal
The Premium Look
The Premium Look Faye, Earnest-Maroon
Linen Suits You!
Linen Suits You! Botswana,Dependable-Black
Elevated Jacket
Elevated Jacket Vital-Chambray,Dependable-Black
Elegance Meets Cozy
Elegance Meets Cozy Oregano, Gold Beaded
Cozy Power
Cozy Power Basil, Niagara, Gold Ribbon
Snug Sophistication
Snug Sophistication Parsley, Earnest-Black, Drop Bar
The Metropolitan Look
The Metropolitan Look Metropolis, Dependable-Umber
The Origami Cuff
The Origami Cuff Widget, Maritime
Roll Up Your Sleeves
Roll Up Your Sleeves Stargate
Every Detail Matters
Every Detail Matters Quantum
Wine It Out!
Wine It Out! Malbec
The Purple Fix
The Purple Fix Pinot, Beacon
The Shirt Top
The Shirt Top Stellar, Earnest-Black
The Contrasts
The Contrasts Harmony, Niagara
The Everyday White
The Everyday White Tranquil, Maritime
The Finishing Touch
The Finishing Touch Articulate-White, Earnest-Black
Comfort Boardroom Look
Comfort Boardroom Look Selene
Work Like a Boss
Work Like a Boss Athena
Meeting Deadlines !
Meeting Deadlines ! Calypso
The Grey Suit
The Grey Suit Active-Grey, Earnest-Grey, Windsor
Pure Power
Pure Power Vital-White, Beacon, Zealous
Power Play!
Power Play! Vital-Maroon, Vanilla, Earnest-Maroon
In the Pink
In the Pink Taffy
Color me Pink
Color me Pink Rouge, Beacon
Blush to Success
Blush to Success Rosewood
Purposefully Yellow
Purposefully Yellow Canary
Mustard Sunshine
Mustard Sunshine Dijon
The Smart Casuals
The Smart Casuals Vivid, Mist
The Classic Bodycon
The Classic Bodycon Befitting
Elevated Boadroom Essential
Elevated Boadroom Essential Contour
Dress for Everyday
Dress for Everyday Juniper
Power Dressing In Style
Power Dressing In Style Progressive-Black, Diligent-Black, Windsor
The Modern Look
The Modern Look Progressive-Beige,Jedi
Linen Suit Up
Linen Suit Up Serengeti,Tanzania
The Formal Calf-length Cottons
The Formal Calf-length Cottons Fiji
The Stripe Statement
The Stripe Statement Mahe
She Means Business
She Means Business Nifty
Power Meets Elegance
Power Meets Elegance Dignified
Oh So Poised!
Oh So Poised! Poised
A Sharp Linen Look!
A Sharp Linen Look! Zanzibar
Cotton Comfort
Cotton Comfort Elite-Navy
Beat the Summer Blues
Beat the Summer Blues Aura
Cool It Off
Cool It Off Amelia,Niagra
Icy Summer
Icy Summer Able-Stripes
Cotton Everyday
Cotton Everyday Timor
White Balance
White Balance Creative-White,Dependable-Umber
Stripe The Heat
Stripe The Heat Rhodes
Comfort All The Way
Comfort All The Way Ecru, Niagra
Breezy Summer
Breezy Summer Tawny
The Summer Essential
The Summer Essential Ochre
Dressy Shirt
Dressy Shirt Husk, Diligent-Black
Smart Casuals
Smart Casuals Carolina, Diligent-Black
Desk to Dinner Ready!
Desk to Dinner Ready! Ernie
Wagon Wagon
Siren Siren, Diligent-Black
Froyo Froyo
Sorbet Sorbet,Niagra
Popsicle Popsicle,Niagra
Powder Blue
Powder Blue Tarn, Swift-Grey
Between the Lines
Between the Lines Askew, Swift-Black
The Elite Touch
The Elite Touch Elite-Maroon
Not So Disciplined
Not So Disciplined Disciplined-Maroon,Swift-Maroon
The Kenya
The Kenya Kenya
That Self Esteem
That Self Esteem Esteemed, Swift-Olive
The Proactive One
The Proactive One Proactive, Swift-Grey
Meticulous Planning
Meticulous Planning Meticulous, Precise-Black
The Plum Purpose!
The Plum Purpose! Plum
The Burgundy Flare
The Burgundy Flare Cardinal, Niagra
Royal Identity
Royal Identity Peacock, Raven
A Blossoming Summer
A Blossoming Summer Blossom-Cream, Gold Ribbon
An Imperial Quotient
An Imperial Quotient Imperial-Blue, Niagra
A Buttery Summer
A Buttery Summer Sweet Corn, Alchemy
Coral Knot
Coral Knot Utopia-Coral,Alchemy
Spring It On!
Spring It On! Tulip-Pink,Niagara
Look on the Brighter Side!
Look on the Brighter Side! Flamingo
A Knotty Summer
A Knotty Summer Tahiti, Alchemy, Drop Bar
That Summer Dress
That Summer Dress Maui
Oh Summer Comfort!
Oh Summer Comfort! Hima, Charcoal, Drop Bar
A Lilac Summer!
A Lilac Summer! Heather
The Bold Floral
The Bold Floral Daffodil
Leafy Luxe
Leafy Luxe Sepal, Pearl Drop
Intense Monochrome
Intense Monochrome Buttercup, Diligent-Black
A Subtle Spring
A Subtle Spring Foliate, Silver
The Dotted Line
The Dotted Line Virgo, Grey Stone
Balancing The Symmetry
Balancing The Symmetry Symmetry, Diligent-Black
Connect The Dots
Connect The Dots Sirius,Diligent-Black
Get Spotted
Get Spotted Rigel
A Geometric Fix
A Geometric Fix Astoria
Steel The Show
Steel The Show Steel
Everyday Purposeful
Everyday Purposeful Raisin-Green, Diligent-Black, Gold Tree
Wrap up the Meeting!
Wrap up the Meeting! Monsoon-Green, Drop Bar
 Layer It Up
Layer It Up Marker-Black, Raisin, Smoke, Gold Fern
A Bold Statement
A Bold Statement Bold-Red, Diligent-Red, Obedient
The Purple Punch
The Purple Punch Sincere-Purple, Diligent-Black
Red-y to impress!
Red-y to impress! Garnet
Is it Wine O'Clock ?
Is it Wine O'Clock ? Sangria
The Everyday Stunner
The Everyday Stunner Cherry, Diligent-Black
Pop Some Purple
Pop Some Purple Raisin, Smoke
Plaid Means Business
Plaid Means Business Bagpipe,Scot,Syrup
The Kilt Look
The Kilt Look Kilt
Well Plaid
Well Plaid Tartan
Business Suit
Business Suit Sincere-Maroon,Diligent-Maroon ,Capable-White
The Classic Suit
The Classic Suit Bold-White Stripes,Beacon,Obedient-Black
The Power Suit
The Power Suit Diligent-Navy,Dew,Sincere-Navy Stripes
Confidence Diligent-Black,Confident-White,Passionate-Navy
 The Sleek Suit
The Sleek Suit Witty-Navy,Passionate-Navy,Diligent-Black
The Vintage Suit
The Vintage Suit Bold-Black, Debonair-White, Coherent
The Work Top
The Work Top Passionate-Navy, Diligent-Black
Contrasts At Play
Contrasts At Play Zealous-Black, Diligent-Maroon
The Smooth Ruffle
The Smooth Ruffle Vivacious-Mustard, Diligent-Black
A Debonair Appeal
A Debonair Appeal Debonair-White,Diligent-Black
Dry Martini Served
Dry Martini Served Martini
Is it Mojito' Clock yet?
Is it Mojito' Clock yet? Mojito
The Contrasts
The Contrasts Splendid
Fearlessly Bold Look
Fearlessly Bold Look Fearless-Maroon
 Glittering Power
Glittering Power Lustrous, Diligent-Maroon
Dance Into Success
Dance Into Success Romantic-Navy
The Dual Nature
The Dual Nature Ambitious
A Notch Above
A Notch Above Sepia,Beacon
The Official Cape
The Official Cape Falcon, Catalina, Charcoal
A Gold Drop
A Gold Drop Amalfi-Mustard
The Soothing Green
The Soothing Green Amalfi-Green
Charming Comfort
Charming Comfort Venice-Raspberry
A Mustard Sun
A Mustard Sun Sicily-Mustard
The Daily Hustle
The Daily Hustle Pompei-Grey, Charcoal
The Everyday Shirt
The Everyday Shirt Mykonos-Olive, Jedi
A Festive Charm
A Festive Charm Laxmi
The Bronze Glow
The Bronze Glow Veda, Jedi
A Charismatic Look
A Charismatic Look Yukti, Jedi
The Vintage Look
The Vintage Look Hunter,Barkha,Corsica-Black
The Heritage Coat
The Heritage Coat Rye,Barkha,Corsica-Black
Blossoming Elegance
Blossoming Elegance Rangoli
The Regal Charm
The Regal Charm Diya
The Intricate Charisma
The Intricate Charisma Parb
Enchanted Allure
Enchanted Allure Vidhi
The Golden Trinket
The Golden Trinket Sona, Jedi
The Galactic Grace
The Galactic Grace Avsar, Jedi
Take it up a Notch
Take it up a Notch Fireside
The Built-Up Success
The Built-Up Success Earthy
Sweet October
Sweet October Accorn, Whitsun
That Perfect Autumn
That Perfect Autumn Nutmeg, Mars
The Outdoor Meeting
The Outdoor Meeting Brisk, Cobalt
Business Travel Coming Up?
Business Travel Coming Up? Solstice, Brown Tee
 Widen Your Horizons
Widen Your Horizons Equinox, Brown Tee
Textured Poise
Textured Poise Azure, Uranus
Weaves of Passion
Weaves of Passion Venus, Alchemy
Co-ordinated Success
Co-ordinated Success Mars, Neptune
Charm-in' Jacquard
Charm-in' Jacquard saturn
Brocade-d Panache
Brocade-d Panache jupiter
Classically Formal
Classically Formal Shiro
Boardroom Comfort
Boardroom Comfort Kuro
Highlight The Details
Highlight The Details Sakshi, Alchemy
Double Check The Details
Double Check The Details Usha, Mary
A Fine Line
A Fine Line Mithali, Smoke
Earn Your Stripes
Earn Your Stripes Sindhu, Mary
The Premium Edge
The Premium Edge Arunima, Smoke
The Easy Day
The Easy Day Sania, Alchemy
The Pleated Success
The Pleated Success Robo, Jedi
Crisp Fortune
Crisp Fortune Innovate, Jedi
The Infinite Collar
The Infinite Collar Simulation, Zebra, Pitch
Knot Your Bow
Knot Your Bow Utopia, Jedi
Re-invent That Wheel
Re-invent That Wheel Whimsical, Jedi
Reverse The Collar
Reverse The Collar Fiction, Charm
Create Your Future
Create Your Future Futuristic, Smoke
Tie-d to Success
Tie-d to Success Surreal, Jedi
The Black Tie Event
The Black Tie Event Cyborg, Smoke
Pearls Of Wisdom
Pearls Of Wisdom Ink, Beacon
A String of Pearls
A String of Pearls Seashell, Smoke, Beaver
Elegance with a Twist
Elegance with a Twist Jasmine, Jedi
Knot Your Ordinary Day
Knot Your Ordinary Day Tiffany, Jedi
Don't Be Knotty
Don't Be Knotty Fawn, Jedi
S-Teal The Show
S-Teal The Show Teal, Charm
Pop Some Color
Pop Some Color Orange, Jedi, Russet
A White Vision
A White Vision Coconut, Khakhi
Orange is the new black
Orange is the